5 + Best Monitor Lamps for Every Budget

best monitor lamps
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Ever found yourself squinting at your screen in the dim light, struggling to catch every detail? Or maybe you’ve battled the harsh glare of your monitor, giving your eyes a run for their money.

Picture this scenario: You’re knee-deep in a crucial project late at night, and the only hurdle in your way is the lack of proper lighting around your monitor. Frustrating, isn’t it?

We’ve all been there, eye strain and all, yearning for an affordable yet effective fix.

So, how about finding the right lighting for your workspace without breaking the bank on fancy setups?

Who says you can’t have both affordability and functionality?

In this article, we’ll explore top picks for budget-friendly monitor lamps that deliver excellent performance.

I recently purchased a monitor lamp and delved into hours of research so you don’t have to. I’m here to share what I’ve found.

Now, let’s address the burning question: What’s the best monitor lamp?

Quality lighting doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and that’s where the Best Monitor Lamps for Every Budget come into play – your ticket to a well-lit, eye-friendly workspace without draining your wallet.

Our top choices:

  • Top Pick – Xiaomi Mi
  • Best Budget Monitor Light Bar – Qunits
  • Stylish and Affordable – Baseus
  • Very Affordable – Oowolf
  • Best for Travel – Vivo
  • Best Overall – BenQ ScreenBar

    To discover the reasons behind our selection of these monitor lamps, continue reading and let us brighten up your work or gaming station without burning a hole in your pocket.

    What is a Computer Monitor Lamp?

    If you’re unfamiliar with a Computer Monitor Light Bar, Computer Monitor Light, or Computer Monitor Lamp, it’s a lighting accessory positioned atop your monitor.

    In our article on the benefits of a light bar, we highlighted how a light bar can enhance your workspace.

    These benefits include:

    • Reduce eye strain
    • Takes up no desk space
    • Eliminates monitor glare
    • Precisely lights up your space
    • Adjustable light temperature
    • Adjustable brightness
    • Evenly distributed light
    • Visually attractive
    • Easy cable organization

    The Purpose of a Light Bar

    The purpose of a light bar extends beyond mere lighting; it’s a versatile solution designed to optimize your space, providing more than just light.

    A well-designed light bar is space-saving, eliminating the need for bulky desk lamps.

    With its sleek and compact profile, a light bar efficiently illuminates your surroundings without occupying valuable workspace.

    One of the main objectives of a light bar is to emit a bright, white light that enhances visibility and minimizes eye strain.

    This focused, bright illumination is particularly beneficial for tasks that demand precision, whether you’re working on detailed projects, reading, or engaging in intense gaming sessions. The white light emitted by a quality light bar ensures a well-lit environment conducive to productivity.

    A light bar is more than a lamp; it transforms your space into a well-illuminated, efficient area.

    It caters to the need for bright, white light while prioritizing the optimization of your workspace, making it an essential addition for anyone seeking a lighting solution.

    Best Monitor Lamps: Budget-Friendly Brilliance

    Now that we’ve explored the purpose of a light bar—its ability to save space, provide bright and white illumination, and enhance the functionality of your workspace—it’s time to delve into our selection of the best monitor lamps for every budget.

    Whether you’re seeking an affordable yet efficient lighting solution or aiming for top-of-the-line features, our reviews will guide you through the options that strike the perfect balance between cost and functionality.

    From budget-friendly choices to a premium selection, our review aims to cater to the many needs of professionals, gamers, and anyone looking to elevate their workspace lighting.

    Let’s embark on this illuminating journey, exploring the top monitor lamps that align with various budget considerations and deliver exceptional performance.

    Xiaomi Mi Monitor Light Bar

    Top Pick
    xiaomi mi monitor light bar

    Xiaomi Mi

    For a no-fuss computer light, try the Xiaomi Mi Light Bar. You control it with a remote that adjusts up to 25 degrees, letting you direct the light exactly where you need it.

    The Xiaomi Mi Computer Monitor Light Bar is excellent for enthusiasts and aspiring gamers.

    Distinguishing itself from other light bars, this model eliminates the nuisance of an auto-dimming feature, making it an essential companion for those engaging in intense gaming sessions.

    Take command effortlessly with the included 2.4GHz wireless remote, allowing you to fine-tune brightness and color temperature with a simple press or rotation. The wireless remote offers nearly instantaneous adjustments across various settings.

    Xiaomi’s thoughtfully crafted asymmetric design ensures a glare-free and reflection-free gaming experience. You can adjust the light bar to 25 degrees, eliminating bothersome glare.

    Powering up is a breeze – plug it into any USB port.

    The installation process is user-friendly: utilize the clamp, attach it to your monitor, and adjust the angle with its magnetic base. The monitor’s top should fall within the 0.4 to 1.25-inch thickness range, but even slimmer monitors can make it work without angle adjustment or with additional support.

    Xiaomi confidently asserts compatibility with curved screens within the specified thickness range. You can position it perfectly with a 40-degree adjustable axis, ensuring optimal lighting and controlling screen glare.

    It’s time to elevate your gaming experience with the Xiaomi Mi Monitor Light Bar – where functionality meets ease of use.

    Quntis Monitor Light Bar

    Best budget monitor light bar
    quntis monitor light bar 2


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    Are you in search of a cost-effective alternative to the BenQ ScreenBar? Look no further than the Quntis Light Bar – a wallet-friendly option that mirrors many of the same quality features at a more affordable price.

    Don’t let the lower cost fool you – this budget-friendly alternative doesn’t compromise on performance.

    Boasting an optimal unique asymmetrical optical design eliminates reflective glare, providing a solution comparable to the BenQ ScreenBar.

    Mounting the Quntis Light Bar is a breeze, thanks to its weighted clip.

    With 78 LEDS, it adapts to your surroundings using an ambient light sensor and auto-dimming functionality. You can transition between four brightness levels and four color temperatures, ranging from warm to cool white.

    This light bar offers flexibility for those who prefer manual adjustments over auto-dimming. Taking on the battle against blue light, it’s specifically engineered to combat eye discomfort throughout the day.

    The plug-and-play simplicity is another standout feature. Connect it to any USB 5V/1A port on your monitor, computer, or power bank.

    Ensure your monitor falls within the 0.3 to 1.4 inches thickness range, and you’re all set to enjoy a well-illuminated workspace.

    Now, you can illuminate your surroundings affordably and efficiently with the Quntis Light Bar.

    Baseus Monitor Light Bar

    stylish and affordable
    baseus monitor light bar


    The Baseus Monitor Light Bar is like a friendly helper for your desk. It’s not too expensive, and if you work from home, you’ll get why good lighting matters. Attach this light bar to your monitor; suddenly, your workspace brightens up, making those work-from-home moments way better. Say goodbye to dim days, and let the Baseus Light Bar bring the light to your work life!

    The Baseus Monitor Light Bar is another formidable competitor to the BenQ model.

    While lacking an auto-dimming feature, this light bar compensates with three distinct color temperature modes. You can tailor the brightness to your liking using the touch panel, choosing from 2,800K for work, 4,000K for reading, and 5,500K for a soothing ambiance. Adjust the brightness anywhere from five to 100 percent based on your preference.

    Measuring almost 18 inches in length, the Baseus light bar is an ideal fit for expansive monitors, including those curved or as large as 27 inches.

    Say goodbye to clamping headaches! The silicone panel ensures a secure placement on your monitor, preventing any slips that could be distracting or potentially cause damage.

    For those who appreciate a fusion of style and functionality, Baseus delivers with its premium aluminum finish.

    Elevate the aesthetics of your work setup with a touch of sophistication, proving that the Baseus Monitor Light Bar is more than just a lighting solution—it’s a statement piece for your workspace.

    Oowolf Monitor Light Bar

    Very affordable
    Oowolf monitor light bar


    Meet the Oowolf Monitor Light Bar – our eye-friendly work companion! This durable champ with vibrant LEDs is here to stay, reducing eye fatigue and making your workspace shine. No more squinting, just smooth, well-lit vibes!

    If you’re looking for a curved light bar that is user-friendly and customizable, look no further than the Oowolf light bar.

    The setup process for this light bar is a breeze, and its impressive 40 degrees of rotation capability allows you to direct light precisely where you need it, maximizing its effectiveness. Ideal for mitigating eye fatigue during prolonged screen sessions, the Oowolf light bar is designed with your visual comfort in mind.

    But that’s not all – the Oowolf light bar goes the extra mile with its memory function. This feature ensures a hassle-free experience by saving your preferred settings whenever you power it on.

    Enjoy the convenience of effortlessly returning to your customized lighting preferences, making your workspace well-illuminated and tailored to your unique needs.

    Discover the perfect blend of form and function with the Oowolf light bar, your go-to solution for a curved, user-friendly, and customizable lighting experience.

    VIVO Monitor Light Bar

    Best for travel
    vivo light monitor


    Meet the VIVO Light Bar—your new light buddy! It’s not too pricey, and guess what? You can take it with you wherever you go. No one likes stuff breaking. This light bar has an extra-strong aluminum shell to keep it safe and sound. Lighten up your space without breaking the bank or your new light, pal!

    Are you in search of an economical lighting fix for your desktop PC? Look no further than the VIVO Light Bar – a conveniently USB-powered solution. Tailor your lighting with a color temperature range from 3000 to 6500K, and fine-tune brightness across five stages to achieve the perfect ambiance.

    Easily take control with the onboard buttons right there at your fingertips. It lets you quickly dim the lights, turn them on or off, or tweak the color temperature. Enjoy a glare-free screen that will enhance your productivity in dimly lit environments.

    Designed with a sleek and low-profile aesthetic, the VIVO Light Bar seamlessly transitions between your home and office, providing a portable lighting upgrade.

    Elevate your workspace affordably with this versatile lighting solution that brings style and functionality to your desk setup.

    BenQ Screenbar Monitor Light Bar

    Best overall
    benq screenbar monitor light bar 2

    BenQ ScreenBar

    The BenQ ScreenBar is like a magical light for your home office! It makes late-night work and video meetings super easy. No more big lamps taking up space—ScreenBar is here to make your desk cool and bright!

    Check Price on Amazon

    If budget constraints are not a concern, we can’t wrap up this article without highlighting the BenQ ScreenBar Monitor Light Bar.

    Known for its exceptional quality and advanced features, the BenQ ScreenBar is a premium option for those who prioritize cutting-edge technology and unparalleled performance in their monitor lighting solutions.

    This light bar investment boasts durability and comes packed with additional features.

    Featuring 15 brightness levels and eight color temperatures ranging from 2700K to 8500K, this light bar provides many customization options.

    Whether you prefer manual control over brightness and color or the convenience of auto-dimming, which adjusts daily based on ambient light conditions, this versatile light bar has you covered.

    Utilizing a light sensor, the auto-dimming function aligns with the American National Standard of 500 lux for office lighting, reaching a maximum brightness of 900 lux. The unique asymmetrical optical design ensures a glare-free experience, perfect for extended screen time.

    Power it up with any USB outlet (5V/1A or more) and easily attach it to your monitor using the convenient clamp – no tools required.

    For detailed information on monitor compatibility, refer to the BenQ website; generally, it works seamlessly with both flat and curved monitors ranging from 0.4 to 1.2 inches in thickness.

    Additionally, explore the Halo version for an enhanced lighting experience.

    For those who prioritize video conferencing, there’s even an available mount for attaching a camera to your monitor light bar.

    Note -Some users have reported issues with curved monitors on Amazon, so check compatibility details for your specific model.

    Easy Installation

    Nobody wants to deal with complicated setups. When choosing the best monitor lamp for you, simplicity in installation can make a significant difference.

    Opting for options that are not only focused on providing optimal lighting but are also a breeze to install is crucial. Look for plug-and-play solutions that save you time and spare you from the headache of deciphering complicated instructions.

    Easy installation ensures that your new monitor lamp integrates into your workspace, making a noticeable difference in the illuminated space.

    This focused approach to simplicity guarantees that the lighting solution enhances your environment without causing unnecessary hassle during the setup process.

    Choose a monitor lamp that makes a difference in your space and does so with ease and convenience.


    Bid farewell to the struggle of squinting and straining your eyes in the dark! Our all-encompassing guide on the Best Budget-Friendly Monitor Lamps provides insights to transform your workspace without breaking the bank and ensures a bright, eye-friendly environment.

    Whether you’re a dedicated professional burning the midnight oil or an avid gamer delving into immersive worlds, investing in the appropriate lighting can be a game-changer, providing a solution that benefits your eyes.

    And here’s our recommendation: the Xiaomi Light Bar. It stands out as the top choice. The Xiaomi Light Bar provides an optimal lighting solution with its remarkable features, including an energy-efficient design, adjustable brightness levels, and an asymmetrical structure to eliminate screen glare.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are light bars for monitors worth it?

    Monitor light bars offer excellent illumination, creating an improved working environment without causing additional screen glare. More importantly, they alleviate issues related to prolonged monitor use, such as eye strain and headaches.

    Is a desk lamp better than a monitor light?

    Conventional desk lamps may produce bothersome screen glare, hindering work or play. A quality monitor light bar utilizes advanced optics to focus light onto your desk, preventing it from affecting your screen.

    Are LED backlit monitors better?

    LED screens provide superior resolutions compared to LCDs and can achieve enhanced contrast ratios with their backlighting system. In contrast, OLED displays surpass LED displays in resolution, boasting excellent black levels and wide viewing angles.

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